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A deep dive into meat-alternatives


80% of European consumers have changed the way they consume meat or meat alternatives since the pandemic, according to Amcor latest research.

When it comes to meat alternatives, consumers aren’t willing to compromise on eating experience.

Watch on  demand our webinar in collaboration with Mintel  to discover what’s driving this global mega-trend and how you can conquer meat substitutes lovers. The webinar includes: 

What do consumers think about alternative proteins?

Consumer perceptions and attitudes around meat substitutes.

What’s now: meat alternatives market overview

A deeper dive into current meat alternatives offerings in the market with focus on the attributes consumers are seeking.

What’s next: plant-based alternatives in the next 5 years and beyond

What consumers will be looking for in plant-based meat alternatives in the future.

Packaging and meat-alternative lovers

How the right packaging can help you conquer plant-based lovers. 

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