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Sustainability // PPWR Conversations¬†
Expert Q&A

Date: Tuesday 18th April 2023
Time: 3:30 PM CET, 30 minutes

Due to popular demand, we are back with a 30-minute follow-up webinar to answer more questions related to the European Commission's newly proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

As brands begin to digest the upcoming regulation, we’re offering another chance to dive in deeper with our packaging sustainability experts. 

Join our webinar on Tuesday 18 April @15:30 CET to get your questions answered. 

In our last PPWR webinar, we covered questions around key mandates that are part of the proposal: 

  • All packaging must be designed to be recyclable, regardless of material 
  • All plastic-containing packaging to use a minimum percentage of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic by 2030, with some exemptions for healthcare packaging 
  • Eco-modulated Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) fees by 2025 
  • Requirements to minimize packaging 
  • And more… 

In our follow-up on April 18th, we’ll take on more of your questions and look at what it all means for the future of your packaging. Register to join us! 

Dr. Gerald Rebitzer
Sustainability Director at Amcor

Dr. Gerald Rebitzer is responsible for sustainability at Amcor Flexibles. His role encompasses environmental management and social responsibility from an operations and product perspective. Gerald has worked in sustainability for 24 years, with a focus on packaging since 2006. In addition to his work at Amcor, Gerald is Chair of the Board and Steering Committee for CEFLEX, a non-profit circular economy initiative for flexible packaging. He is also a Board Member of both the Swiss and German aluminum recycling cooperatives.

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Delia Harabula
Sustainability Advocacy Lead Amcor

Delia leads the EMEA sustainability advocacy function at Amcor. At Amcor, Delia focuses on engaging with EU and national stakeholders to seek common solutions that advance the circularity of flexible packaging. After completing her Law degree, Delia held various public affairs and advocacy roles, covering sustainability from an energy and climate change perspective, waste policies, and recycling. Before joining Amcor, she worked as the public affairs representative for the European beverage carton industry in Brussels, and as a senior sustainability consultant, where she advised clients from the plastics, packaging, and chemicals industries.

Trevor Davis
Sales & Marketing Director, Coffee, Pet Care & Specialty Amcor

For the last 20+ years, Trevor Davis has focused on the 6P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Planet & Packaging). Prior to joining Amcor, Trevor led the Consumer Products Business for Borealis working to drive a shift towards a circular portfolio of Bio-Based, Mechanical, and Chemical Recycling products. He also worked as a management consultant with Huron Consulting Group & PwC. Trevor is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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