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How to use chemically recycled content in your packaging


Using recycled content in your packaging can help you reduce virgin plastics, drive a circular economy and meet upcoming European Union regulations. Recycled content also speaks to consumers looking for more sustainable products (and packaging) on store shelves. 

However, using recycled content in food and healthcare packaging is complex. Our experts will share what’s possible today (a lot!), steps to take, and how to gain the right certifications.

Watch our webinar on-demand with Amcor’s sustainability expert, Lucie Charbonnel, and guest speaker, Jasmin Brinkmann, from International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) to learn:

  • The differences between mechanically and chemically recycled content.
  • How recycled content can be used in food-contact and healthcare packaging.
  • How evolving EU regulations and the soon-to-be mandatory use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content will impact your packaging options.
  • How the mass balance approach works to track and account for chemically recycled content.
  • How to make certified recycled content claims through the ISCC.